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Hello everyone.

I am currently completing drywall on my first HT. I do have a projector, however it isn't very bright and requires the room to be very dark in order to work well. For this reason I have decided to have both a tube tv (which I have recessed into the wall) as well as a pull down screen (I know this isn't the best type of screen but I don't have many other options.)

Further more I have 2 recessed areas on either side of the tv, one for my A/V equipment, and one for DVDs etc.

My pull down screen will mostly cover these, however in order to create a better atmosphere I'd like to put black curtains on the sides that pull behind the screen and cover everything.

2 problems:

#1 I need a good way to hide the curtains when they're not being used (boxes of sorts?)

#2 What do I use across the top for the curtains to slide on (a bar maybe)

Any help would be much appreciated, and pictures can be supplied if anyone would like them.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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