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Hiding wiring?

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What are the best ways to hide wires without going through the walls? Where i live is only temporary, and i want to hide the wires.... a big problem is the coaxial cable. Is there anything i can buy that would look like trim on the bottom of the wall, but would actually conceal the wiring?
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What Jay0001 said...

I've also found that, usually if a room is carpeted and doesn't have quarter-round or anything like that at the bottom of the baseboards, I could cram wire under the baseboards - between the bottom of the baseboard and the carpet. It looked better when I used white coax cable if the baseboards were white or some other light color. The hard part was getting the wire across doorways... which usually involved fishing the wire under the carpet or under a threshold. This is what I used to do many years ago before I learned how to fish wire through walls.
how do you fish wires through walls?
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