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High-End Reciever or Low-End Seperates?

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I want to spend 2000-2500 on either a good receiver or low-end seperates. I am currently using a Sony 4ES. I have been reading all of the threads here on this since it has been debated a lot. However, I would like to hear your opinions on the current crop of equipment. I am considering the following receivers, Sunfire Ultimate, B&K 305, 307, 505, 507, Rotel 1055, 1065, NAD 773 and the following seperates, Outlaw and Rotel. Are there any other seperates in this price range. I am willing to buy used. My sources are a Bravo D1 and a Cambridge D500SE. Speakers are Mirage Omnisats and a SVS Ulltra powered by a Samson S1000. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.
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The new Sherwood Newcastle P-965 ($1,500 MSRP) and its matching amp ($1,999 MSRP) are due out in February and you should be able to get the two together for about $3,000 total. Go to www.sherwoodusa.com to read about them. There is also a thread in this forum that gives some opinions.

And I just read about the new Harman/Kardon AVR7300 ($2,200 MSRP) that sounds very interesting - a true 110 watts X 7 plus the Faroudja DCDi video upsampler that converts all incoming video to 480P. Here is a link:


The link also includes info on their new digital-amp receivers - DPR2005 and DPR1005 that look interesting.

Not sure when any of the new H/K receivers are due out. You should also do a search of this forum to get comments on the units you list.

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I would opt for the T773, great receiver with loads of power reserve and flexibility!
for pre's


adcom 860 or 880

rotel 1066 or 1068


nad t163

outlaw 950 and clones


integra (might be hard to find)

fosgate fap-t1

amps (new or used)

rotel 1075

adcom (try jeffsoundvalues.com)

anthem (would probably have to get used)

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another option would be to get something like the rotel 1056 use it for now and get an amp later...

also not sure on what a bk ref50 new and used go for...but they might be added to your list

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