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Hi all,

I've been tinkering with my system the last few days and it's driving me crazy!! I could use some advice on how to get the best sound quality out of my setup.

I've had my subwoofer hooked up for the past couple years on the high level inputs. This is the recommended setup in the manual, and it always sounded great for music but I regretted not being able to use the LFE channel from my receiver. At the recommendation of a coworker I switched over to the low level input this week to try it out. The improvement with movies is quite noticeable, quite a bit more depth on the bass, and effects like thunder are better. However, the sound quality with music degraded quite a bit - the blending is way off, it sounds like there's a noticeable gap between where my speakers roll off and the sub picks up. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to eliminate this gap when hooked up on the low level input.

My equipment:

Receiver is a Yamaha HTR-5830, which has a 90 Hz internal crossover according to the manual.

My speakers are Paradigm Cinema 90s, with a Mirage PS12-90 sub.

Setup 1: High level input to sub, front speakers set to Large, Center Small. Sub crossover set to 100 Hz.

Sound Quality: Great for music, decent for movies.

Setup 2: Low level input to sub, front speakers set to Small, Center Small. Sub crossover raised to maximum (150 Hz, receiver is handling crossover).

Sound Quality: Great for movies, noticeable degradation in music quality, blending sounds off like there is a gap between where the speakers drop off and the sub picks up.

I set everything up this evening and used the same track to do a listen comparison every time I made a change. I surmised that setting the Front speakers back to Large might correct the problem. Tested low level, then high level, still a big difference. Then I thought, aha! The 90 Hz cutoff of the receiver was too low for my little speakers, and I was getting a gap that the subwoofer used to cover. So I tested low level, then high level with my subwoofer crossover set to 80 Hz to mimic this situation. The music still sounded great and well-blended, guitar sounded as it should, etc. As far as I can tell, that setup should sound *exactly* the same as the low level setup, but it doesn't at all.

Sorry for the length, I wanted to include as much information as possible. Any suggestions? Thoughts/input is appreciated.
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