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high pitch noise comes and goes, HD receiver causing this?

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hi, first post here. i've had my 5:1 surround setup for about 3 yrs. now. never had any problems till i switched my Directivo out with Samsung TS360 HD Reciever. it seems to happen only after having changed channels from an HD channel to a regular digital channel, or vice versa. i have it narrowed down to that. and this does not happen every time i switch between HD and regular channels. every other audio source hooked up sounds great. xm radio,dvd,cd,fm radio and analog local cable channels. help! please! my ears can't take this annoyance anymore. 30+ years of loud concerts and louder construction work have taken their toll on my hearing. thanks for any help or advice, love this forum, great rescource!
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Is the noise coming out of your speakers? If not, it could potentially be the power supply in your tv - those will ring around 8-10kHz when they're on the fritz.

I assume you've already ruled out tinnitus?

yes, the noise is coming out of the speakers. tinnitus? the noise is there for hours at a time,sometimes less. i don't know what is causing this.
In that case it would be hard not to blame the Samsung TS360 HD Reciever, since the problem never happened before it was introduced, and the problem also never occurs with other sources.

I was just being facetious about the tinnitus :) If you happen to be unfamiliar with it, just google the word and you'll get the joke.

Best of luck,

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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