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High Power Multi-Channel Amps Sound Quality

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Hey Everyone:

I've been in the market for a multi-channel amp for my home theater system and I've found many High Power Multi-channel amps for almost half of their MSRP. I was just wondering are these amps just powerful amps or do they have some quality sound other than giving good bass?

The amps that I've found so far that are heavily discounted are Earthquake Cinenova Grande, Cinepro Gold Special, ATI 3007. I've focused on 6 and 7 channel amps during my search.

I was pretty much leaning towards the Emotiva amps which are discounted this month and are fairly inexpensive to start out with.

If ATI, Cinepro and Earthquake are so heavily discounted, what is the appeal of Emotiva then?
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Seems all those companies make good amps. Some feel amps have audible differences and others feel they don't. Anecdotal evidence suggests differences are subtle as people have trouble picking out one amp over another in blind listening tests.

You could read reviews, or user feedback, for what they are worth.
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