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High Power vs Silverstar

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I am interested in Silverstar but unfortunately the rollable model is out of production. I have not seen silverstar but I have seen a sample of high power. HP is bright but the viewing cone is very small, seems not suitable for ceiling mounted projectors. In some forum it is said that High power is brighter than Silverstar, even though HP is 2.8 and SS is 6. Has anyone viewed them side by side. Their pros and cons. I would request feedback from HP and SS owners. Is there any third alternative in high gain silver screen ?

Thanks a lot.

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You might want to look at posts from "Tryg" (try the display devices $3,500 and up thread), he has three links to some screen tests he has done that are interesting. At present, I believe he favors the High Power. Hope that helps.

I have the SS and would recommend HP if you fit the profile. My setup does not fit the profile as my pj is ceiling mounted and I have some seating at 35-40% to the sides. If I had the option of tabletop or low shelf mounting and didn't give a rat's axx about my guests well then the HP is a no brainer.

BTW the SS is more like 2.4-3.0 gain.
The High Power is slightly brighter at the optimal viewing position. Silverstar has a wider less steep viewing cone. They are both excellent products that serve their purposes. And both have very different price tags.

A full review can be found in White Grey Silver below.
Here's a repost from another thread

I'm getting a lot of questions so...please remember the gains acheived by the above graph are in optimal viewing position for the High Power. Yes the High Powers viewing cone is somewhat small. I've included a graph using numbers that have been batted around here before. I can't guarantee the accuracy as I didn't do the measurements. All I can say is the High Power is awesome. The emulsion is such that the screen surface simply "dissappears" from the image. You can also generally see amazing results within 15 degrees off axis. And normal viewing results ouside 15 degrees.

What is the cost of a 16x9 100" High Power?
Originally Posted by longshot
What is the cost of a 16x9 100" High Power?
Depends on the mounting.
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