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High-quality replacement speakers for 2009 Corvette

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I have a 2009 Corvette, and it has 8" speakers ( I think they are 8") at the front of the doors.

One of these went out recently, and it was replaced under warranty (it was buzzing when there was low bass). They are fair, but not great.

I was wondering if there is a company that makes high-quality replacement speakers that can be installed without modifying anything.
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Hybrid Audio Technology

Scan Speak



I would probably find out how much mounting depth is available. This will allow you to determine which speakers out there will be a drop in replacement.

Also, Parts express, madisound and meniscus sell raw drivers. Peerless, Dayton HiVi Vifa etc...

Can probably get as good or better in both price and performance going the raw driver route.

Don't worry about car audio vs home audio branded speakers. Generally nothing different is done to either other than you pay a premium to have them be labeled "Car Audio"

I use the Dayton Reference Series line RS225 8" midbass in my doors. Hard to get better in that price point. And I have tried.
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I disagree, especially because many speakers are still manufactured of paper and will quickly perish in the rain.

Buy quality aftermarket "exact replacement" auto speakers and as suggested, pay attention to the maximum depth.

You don't have to figure this out yourself, visit Crutchfield.com or call the number in their catalog, give them the model and model year of the vehicle, and discuss the options they have. If you want an invisible install behind the stock grilles, tell them so.

You do realize most "car" audio drivers use paper cones right?

There have been numerous articles on using paper coned drivers in a car. Yes, if they get wet then odds are the paper cone, especially if untreated, will probably be ruined. But of course if you have that much water in your doors you have other issues. And that much water is probably going to short the coil and burn up/damage the amplifier running the wet speaker.

Also, give a look at the driver I listed that I run. If you are worried about paper cones, then you sir are in luck. The RS line has Aluminum cones. Not to mention well designed motors that have shorting rings so inductance is low and inductance induced distortion is reduced. Definitely better than almost anything you can get at crutchfield. And that's not because i own them. I, after 5 years have blown one of them. I have been feeding it double the rated max power and finally broke the speaker. I was willing to buy something else. I asked around and for my money found that just buying a new pair will be fine.
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