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High Quality Stereo Headphones, 7.1 or 5.1 for Games Designed for 5.1 7.1?

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Ok so the question is should I buy high quality stereo headphones for games that I think are ?mostly? designed for 5.1 or 7.1 headphones/speakers I.E. Battlefield 3.. CODMW3...

Or should I buy one of the top end 5.1-7.1 headphones for best surround sound like footsteps, gunfire and enemy positioning.

HQ Stero headphones vs 5.1 7.1 headphones.

I'm thinking Audio Technica ATH-A700 for the stero headphones but i don't know maybe that's not considered high quality enough and also looking for suggestions for other stereo headphones or 5.1-7.1 headphones, any price range except over $1000.

I'm asking this cause my pair of corsair HS1 usb headphones I bought at launch are broken. The volume/soundcard board has problems and basically I think it overheated and the wires aren't making a good connection so I wouldn't recommend corsair's hs1 usb to anyone.
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Get the best stereo headphones you can get your hands on, and a Dolby Headphone preamp (or receiver with it built in).
buy a good set of stereo headphones like the ATH-M50 (sealed design, so it doesn't leak that much sound) and then a soundcard with Dolby Headphone processing like Asus Xonar D1 (assuming you are gaming on a PC). If not, then you want a receiver that has Dolby Headphone processing (higher end units)
Thanks for the recommendations, anyone else have anymore ?
I maybe slightly biased, but in the interest of full disclosure, I own these...


They are hands down the best headphones that I have ever experienced..
I don't play games too much with headphones anymore, but when I was I had a pair of wireless stereo headphones. IMO stereo will work fine. I played a lot of call of duty 2 and call of duty 4 on pc and (not trying to be funny or smart) if your ears work right and you can hear subtle details then you can figure out where your opponent is. That was one thing people commented highly about me and my ability to find people. So much that some thought I was cheating.
i got Sennheiser PC 360 which has been working great for me, it has excellent Hi-Fi sound ans Ultra soft around the ear pads for long period gaming experience with a very light weight.
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