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HiPix DTV-200 AVS Edition Antenna connection problem

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Anyone have a fix for me? When my DTV-200 starts recording with the TitanTV EPG, a message pops saying "Check Antenna 1 connection". When I watch using the tuner, the channel strength is at 87%. So I know it is getting a good signal. I can record manually when a show comes on but I want to be able to leave the PC on and come back to watch the recorded show when ever I want.

I'm running the HiPix DTV-200 with the V 3.5 AVS Edition software.

P3 650 MHz

128 MB Ram

Windows 98 SE2

(Don't laugh. It's paid for!)

The antenna feed is split with my HDTV w/ built in tuner that is working fine.
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Have you tried it without the splitter? Removing it would give you a little more signal strength.
do you have the latest version?


do you schedule shows from TitanTV ? weekly, daily, once ?
I do have the latest version the Bata 3.5.2.

I have done Weekly and once with the same results.
Did you try a clean install of the new HiPix software?

Try changing the antennae config.

I have my antennae split 3 ways and never have a problem recording. Signal strength can be at 20% and it will still record. The only time I had a problem with TitanTV was because I ran a registry fix that messed it up so I just reinstalled and everything works great.

Make sure you use the hipixcleaner available on the site. The problem I had with TitanTv was:

I could schedule a show no problem but no directory would ever be created as well as no files. Manual record created files and a directory. Just uninstalled using cleaner and reinstalled and it works great.
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I've reinstalled the software using the hipixcleaner. Upgraded with the latest version 3.5.2 used the latest patches and updates. Also removed the splittier (signal strength still remained at about 87%) and connected directly to an attic mounted 4 bay HDTV antenna.

I get the same "Check antenna 1 connection". The antenna strength is at 0. Once I quit the recording session, Do a channel up, that channel comes in at 87%. I can do a channel down and the station that just showed 0% comes in fine at 87%.

I can channl surf with no problem and without any channel fall out.

Any other suggestions? Anyone else having this problem? Anyone able to record without problems on a system below a P3 650?
I had the same issue with my HiPix. The card was out of production and I got no help from here. I eventually replaced it with a MyHD card. I could watch TV all I wanted. I just could never schedule a recording. As soon as I clicked to OK box for a scheduled recording it would record as normal. Of course that means I have to be there to press the OK button. I just figured it was a hardware problem with my card since no one else saw the issue.

Glad I wasn't the only one.

What CPU and OS were you using the HiPix? Is it the same one that you have the MyHD card on?

Thanks for the input I just hope I don't have to buy a new card as I just bought this one.
I think I had a AMD 1700+ when I orginally used the card. I stuck this card in three different machines before I concluded it was a card issue. All the machines had Windows XP on it.
I just reinstalled the HiPix 2.3 version and the auto record function works. The antenna tunes much faster now also. It is not a hardware issue but software issue with the new drivers or AVS program. Anyone else have the same problem when upgrading?
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