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With 2.31 out now - things keep getting better,

but there is always more to hope for...

Here is my current wishlist:

1> Ability to make custom output resolutions.

(I want to push the Janus chip and RAMDACs

to their max capability).

If 1920x1080p were possible that would be

awesome. If not, perhaps 1600x900p, or

[email protected] If they gave one more

output option of "custom" that read settings

from a config file then us "HTPC hackers" could

try to come up with "more optimal" output

resolutions for our displays.

2> A driver that allows software DVD players

to use the HiPix SPDIF out for DD5.1 audio.

Then alot of people woudn't need a 2nd sound

card or the need to switch back and forth.

3> Ability to have the Janus chip encode

NTSC input (tuner or S-video) to MPEG2

files on the hard disk. Basically extend

the "PVR" function to include the current

ATSC/HDTV as well as NTSC/Analog sources.

4> Better control of subchannels during

record and playback. I like the idea of little

"LED" graphics showing which subchannels are

active in a stream, and clicking on any of

the indicators (during record OR playback)

would switch to viewing (and recording if

needed) of that particular subchannel.

5> Perhaps a bit more technical info in

the onscreen display... Like datarate and

format... (e.g.: [email protected]/sec or

[email protected]/sec) Maybe show if the source

is AC3/5.1, AC3/2.0, Pro-Logic, etc.

6> Software to play DVD movies through the

HiPix MPEG2 hardware decoder. (Although

Software only players are so good now that

this is not a high priority for me)


Pie in the sky:

A HiPix editing squite that lets you

cut and paste saved HiPix clips to

allow you to edit your own compilations.

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We need a better PVR front end for HiPix. TitanTV scheduling front end will soon be supporting PowerVCR2. This would be a great combo to drive Hipix.

Could this happen this year?!!!!


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I'd be especially interested in seeing #1 and #5 become reality. I would add:

1a> Ability to switch between "Bob" and "Weave" deinterlacing, e.g. for 480i sources. Currently the default is "Bob", but one day when I was switching to KWHY-DT, a few times it randomly chose "Weave" deinterlacing. When I switched to the same channel again, it went back to "Bob". It would be nice to be able to control this. I personally prefer "Weave" because of the sharper image (albeit at the cost of artifacts).

I think #3 is probably a pipe dream. It's doubtful the chipset can encode MPEG-2. However, it would be wonderful if the HiPix software could record ATSC directly to an MPEG-2 file (though this is probably also pie-in-the-sky).

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All of the above plus the ability to turn off remapping. I went through hell to get UPN to work here in new york.

Lastly a real little thing, maybe move the power button a little as I keep hitting it by accident :p hay, maybe go with skins for a new GUI? well maybe by 4.0 :)

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I haven't downloaded the new SW yet as none of the new features listed by Cliff interest me.

Here is my wish list:

1. Make it easier to delete recordings.

2. Make it easier to set up manual recordings. For example, a timeline with tick marks at half hour intervals. Clicking on an interval and then dragging to include more half hour chunks would work 99% of the time. Keep the current method. Also allow editing of the recording parameters.

3. Single frame advance.

4. Single frame capture to a file. [I can sometimes use the Elecard player for this but if subchannels are in use, it often hangs or crashes.]

5. Show video in a window on the desktop without using VIP. Does not have to be high quality or have a high frame rate. Just enough to show what is on.

6. Remember current position in a recorded program so viewing can resume at a later date.

7. Allow playback by choosing just a folder rather than having to pick a minute file.

8. Allow setting up for a manual recording while a recording is in progress.
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