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OK, I admit Im a lazy fat-ass. The Hipix has been sitting in the box since February under my desk!

With all the horror stories here, I figured it'll be a troubleshooting nightmare. It was no picinic getting my system stable without this thing, geforce2, aureal, via chipset, firewire card, old athlon cpu with its huge power requirements!!

Finally when I got my new mobo and chip, i figured it was time to do the nasty.

I downloaded 2.2 from telemann. Driver install, app install. No problem, so far.

Launch application, waiting for lockups. Picture looks great. I get sound now from PBS! This station gave my dtc fits. Try record. 1/2 hr of the pbs clip.

No crashes still. Playback, looking for hiccups. Nothing, its just like the live broadcast! Try record again, 1/2hr of the Matrix. (I get hbo thru my cable line).

"you think thats air you're breathing??... AGAIN."

Still fine. Leave hipix running all night. Turn on TV. There's Auburn getting its ass kicked by Bama in the pbs loop!

Less than 24hrs is hardly a comprehensive test i guess. But already Im ready to get rid of my trusty dtc100. Its already a better receiver. I get full sound in PBS, NBC doesnt dropout anymore, and the dropouts I see on other stations (FOX) are much gentler and less often. Gentler as in the picture doesn't dropout completely, it just pixellates and the sound is still there.

Had I waited I guess I would opt for the access card, but as it is the hipix kicks ass. The basic functionality seems robust enough, so the pvr functionality can't be that far off can it?

here's my setup

athlon 1.13 @1.75volts

asus a7v133 133mhz mem and fsb

256m cas2

agp - creative geforce2

pci1 - aureal sq2500

pci2 - netgear 10/100 nic

pci3 - studio dv 1394

pci4 - hipix

pci5 - hipix input card

primary ide (onboard)ibm 7200rpm 40g

secondary ide ibm 7200 30g

promise ide primary - mitsumi 4x4x24 burner

promise ide sec - 10x pioneer dvd


using dig out with decode audio turned off.

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