At CES 2017 Hisense is showing the H9900 Laser Cast TV, which is a complete audio/video system that offers 100 inches of HDR compatible laser 4K ultra short-throw projection for $13,000. This projection system comes with 5 speakers, a wireless sub, a 100" high-gain screen. The projector itself is a DLP-based 4K laser light source unit which offers support for UHD resolution, 20,000 hours life, and 2700 lumens of output.
Even on the bright and busy CES show floor, the system looked surprisingly good, offering rich color and high contrast; not as good as a TV but not too shabby for a projection rig with an ambient light rejecting high gain screen. This model will be available by summer this year.

Hisense also showed off a "dual color" 4K laser ultra short throw unit that achieves 95% of BT.2020 color gamut and puts out 3000 lumens. It does not have a price point or a release date, but it represents where Hisense is going with this technology, which the company believes is the future of large-format TV.