TV shoppers looking for a high price/performance ratio will find a lot to like in the Hisense H9G. This TV earns rave reviews and is particularly well suited to watching movies, and is a strong choice for TV, sports, HDR video and games. Thanks to a FALD backlight, high native contrast, and quantum dot color, the H9G presents viewers with picture quality that puts this TV in the top tier among relatively affordable 4K FALD LCD offerings.

Features and Specifications

This Android TV FALD-LCD 65” uses quantum dots to achieve a wide color gamut, and a high contrast VA panel that offers great image quality, with the caveat it needs to be viewed head-on, and not from the side, to get the best visuals. It is capable of achieving extremely high brightness levels, thus allowing it to render HDR content with a suitable degree of “pop”, but also allowing it to overcome ambient room light in brightly lit situations.

This high sense features four HDMI inputs, two USB inputs, a digital optical audio output, analog audio output, and ethernet port, a connection for either cable or antenna (for the tuner), and it even has composite video input in case you need to connect some sort of old-school video device. The HDMI is version 2.0 (full bandwidth) with HDCP 2.2 copy production support. Wi-Fi is dual band, with support for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

Aesthetically, it is an attractive TV with an extremely minimal bezel and a solid, stable stand. It is also wall mountable.

This TV has Chromecast built-in, and it is blissfully free of any advertising.

HDR support encompasses HDR 10, HDR 10+, Dolby vision, and HLG. It is a smart TV that is compatible with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It has built-in microphones, so you can use it as a smart home hub, without the need for an extra external device.

This TV ships with a candy bar style remote that offers direct access to many features, it has dedicated buttons for some of the most popular steaming services including Amazon, Netflix, YouTube and Google play.

The H9G is an easy TV to set up if you have a Google account. Your cell phone takes care of most of the legwork. If you exist in the Apple universe, or the Roku universe, you’ll probably have to put in a little more work to get it going. Nevertheless, I have no complaints about android TV, it is a good platform.


The Hisense H9G is very highly rated for a FALD-LCD. It sports 180 dimming zones, allowing it to render vivid high-contrast imagery in SDR or HDR. On the popular review site rtings, it earns an 8.4 rating for mixed usage and is rated #1 in terms of “value for the price”. That alone is enough to recommend it. Performance highlights include how well it handles movies, video games, TV shows and sports. It also garners extremely high ratings for HDR. It is especially capable when it comes to both native contrast and contrast of local dimming, which results in a vibrant picture with HDR highlights that create a more realistic look. The full array local dimming is highly effective and generally stays out of the way (i.e. it does not reveal itself through visible artifacts like blooming and halos).

Part of what contributes to its high performance is peak brightness capability in both SDR and HDR modes. This is a TV capable of maintaining up to 1700 nits of peak brightness within a 25% window, and full screen it achieves 600 nits, meaning it is able to overcome ambient lighting, even in a bright room.

In terms of weaknesses, it shares the limited viewing angles of other VA LCD TVs. That means if you want to enjoying peak picture quality, you need to sit relatively centered to the screen; if you sit up to the side, contrast and color will be diminished. But, as long as you stay within an optimal “viewing cone” it will deliver stunning imagery. Notably, this TV has a highly effective antireflective coating, despite its relatively affordable price.

Color accuracy out of the boxes decent, and like most TVs these days, it can be brought to exceptional levels of accuracy with a professional calibration. However, most buyers are not going to get a calibration, and it’s worth pointing out that there are other TVs with better default color. Having said that, it’s also possible to optimize the picture with settings adjustments that do not require professional calibration equipment. It won’t get you the results of a meter-based professional calibration, but for most people it’ll be “good enough”.

This TV’s HDR support is complemented by a wide color gamut that approaches the DCI/P3 gamut used to master much 4K HDR content.

Gamers will truly appreciate the extraordinarily fast response time of this TV. The native refresh rate of the panel is 120 Hz, which helps with motion clarity and brings input lag down to an impressive 15 ms in Game mode, and this is consistent for both 1080 P and 4K input. However, unfortunately this TV does not support 120 Hz input, it is capped at 60 Hz (not really a big deal unless you have a hyper-powerful gaming PC).

My hands-on with the H9G went well. I used it for TV watching, movies and gaming. I did find the viewing angles to be a bit disappointing, so that’s a priority perhaps looks elsewhere, but it’s likely you’ll pay a premium to achieve the sort of picture fidelity that this TV produces when viewed head-on.

I particularly enjoyed using this TV for console gaming with my PlayStation 4 Pro. Seated centered to the screen, the graphics really popped and the low input lag is a definite advantage when playing games that demand quick hand eye coordination and the split-second counts. Much of my TV viewing involved sports programming, steamed to YouTube TV at 1080/60p quality. It is really not a ton to say about it, the picture is clear and motion is smooth with a virtually artifact-free image. I’m still waiting for the day when you watch sports in 4K, but 1080/60p looks great.

4K HDR movies and shows make the most of this TV’s capabilities. It manages the trick of keeping letterbox bars black, and making high contrast HDR scenes pop. But again, if you’re not seated centered to the TV, the whole effect is diminished (but this is in no way unique to this TV).

AVS Forum Owner's Thread

My time and experience this model is limited to the one TV that I received for review from the company. Of course, no TV is perfect, and that is the purpose of previous form owners threads, is to document issues. If you're in the process of ascertaining whether this is the right TV for you, I recommend having a look at the owners thread, which you can get to by following this link.


Need a good 65” TV at an easy to swallow price? Nothing should stop you from grabbing a Hisense H9G. It’s a good performer in terms of picture quality and the Android TV features instantly make it a multimedia powerhouse with the ability to stream a vast array of content. It is particularly well suited for reviewing TV during the daytime in brightly lit rooms, thanks to its bright picture and effective antireflective screen properties.

These days, it seems that the main thing you give up when you buy a TV at this price point is wide viewing angles. In just about every other sense, it is a highly competent TV that, when factoring in the price, makes it one of the best deals out there for a 65-inch model. Therefore, it gets an AVS Forum Top Choice 2021 award.



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