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Hisense SX 65 Dual-cell user thread

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I’m very interested in the 75 inch U.S. version and now I’m just waiting for Hisense to actually release it. I want an OLED but I play a lot of games and for extended periods of time so the dual layer looks like it could be the best option for me.
Over the years I’ve had 3 Pioneer Kuros (including the last Elite model), the Sharp Elite LCD (which was made by former Pioneer engineers), and even the Mitsubishi Laservue. I’ve had Sony LCDs for the past 5 years and they’re great but I want picture quality as good as my Pioneer and Sharp Elite sets. I know OLED could give me that but I can’t babysit it. Being an avid gamer and having narcolepsy is not the greatest combination for trying to prevent burn in. Lol!
Btw, your reference movies are some of my favorite movies. Blade Runner is my favorite movie of all time and my go to movie when when firing up a new tv. I like the Escape From reference for your user name as well.
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I don't understand these companies. IF they would have offered the 65" in US, I would have bought one, but I not only cant afford 75" at full price, but not enough room in my little house for a 75" without hanging over into a doorway. Since they were not going to release the 65" you got in US, I went ahead and bought an OLED. Just dont understand this stuff. Why not make a TV and sell it everywhere. Why does AU get one, US get another, EU get something else. Makes no sense.
So I have finished editing the video, a few issues, since the ISO was so low, it makes the overall image appear darker when the tv is not that dark, I had to offset this as my overall issue was bright objects were being blown out.
I calibrated the phone to Blade Runner, there is also times where the phone struggles to focus, I did this during day time so might do another run tonight when I have no ambient lighting.
Also slight slant on camera :/

EFNY takes drastic hit, as does 2049 with darker scenes.
Not sure what smartphone you have, but most of them allow you to put it in manual mode. Set the ISO to 400 or so, and manually focus. Then it will be consistant.
The reviews said that TV was dim, and that is why it never caught on. If you are having to use 64 ISO, it must be a lot brighter than they were saying it was. Did you have a chance to compare its brightness in the store to any other sets like OLED or mini-LED?
It's a very cool concept, I believe a recent Sony 30.000 dollar mastering monitor uses it as well
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Ill check it out in the morning. This will be a good demo, since I have the 4K BluRay of Flash Gordon.
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Very good. My only complaint was there appeared to be blooming, in the credits, and in that night time city scape with the fire balls, but I notice the same thing on my OLED when using glasses, so I am thinking it might just be an artifact from the camera. It seems cameras show blooming we cant see. Otherwise, the detail and colors look excellent, and I noticed no motion issues. Really nice TV. Its a shame they are giving up on it.
Well, if your camera is not an HDR camera, that would explain the difference. I dont think you can get an accurate video of HDR content with an SDR camera. The point was made though, the TV looks amazing. I was looking for for motion issues myself, as that seemed to be a complaint last year. Cant remember what they called it, but they gave it a name. I didnt see any of that in your video.
1 - 20 of 76 Posts
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