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Hitachi's Gesture TV is Controlled by Hand Motions
Viewers must wave at the prototype to turn it on and make a circular motion with their hand to adjust volume. by Steve Crowe

Hitachi's Gesture Remote Control TV might take the cake for being the coolest gadget at CES 2009.

The HDTV is controlled by hand gestures. There's no "handheld" remote involved. The hand gestures are picked up by a motion sensor that, for demo purposes at CES 2009, is located on the wall just below the flat panel.

Check out the image below to learn how the Gesture TV is controlled. And it can also control lighting and temperature.

Hitachi says "a lot of different developments are in the works" for the prototype. For example, the motion sensor will be embedded into the TV and the distance that the motion sensor can pick up the hand gestures is being tweaked.

No pricing, sizes, or specs have been released, of course.

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