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Hitachi 42HDS52 Thread

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I know there is allready an "Official Hitachi thread" however I think it cover entirely to many models.

Let keep this thread for only owners of the 42HDS52 model Hitachi Palsma display.
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I have had my 42HDS52 for about 3 months now and I think the the display is great. I Have not been happy with teh PQ on standard chnnels since I got it, however upon inspection of many other widescreen displays I have found it is a common issue. It must have something to doo with the widescreen really maximizeing the poor qaulity of older programs.

I am very impressed with the HD quality. I find that I don't watch tv on non HD channels anymore.

Something that I discovered by talking with Hitachis customer service deprtment (very helpfull on everycall I have made) If you use component or HDMI input on the TV it will not output variable or fixed audio.
I have had this set for about 2 months now and yes, the HD picture is outstanding. I am using the OTA tuner for digital only. For me, the SD digital picuture is very watchable on most channels.

My big issue is an audio sync problem when using the OTA. It comes and goes, but it is noticeable enough that my wife even pointed it out. I know in the main Hitachi thread, some people have discussed it, but there was no resolution. I would like to hear from owners of this set if they have the same issue.
Observations on SD picture quality.

I have found that if the SD signal is of reasonable quality, my set does an excellent job of rendering the picture. What I have found in the 3 months that I have owned this set is that SD PQ is "all over the map" and more often than not, the signal itself is just very poor. SD will never look as good as HD but with a good signal source it can be quite watchable.

My experience is with the 42HDT52 but as these are so close I believe that the 'S' should be the same.
I has the audio sync problem when I still had DirectTv and I was watching a few of my local news channels. I have since switched to Brighthouse HD and I have not expeienced the problem again.

I have been very unhappy with brighthouse PQ on anything but HD. I had this same problem with my tube TV as well. Direct Tv just has a much crisper cleaner picture. I expect to switch back as soon as they pick up the locals in HD.

I would agree on the signal of the being the issue. I can watch some of the non HD channels without a problem and then the program will change and the picture is pure junk.
Are either of you using HDMI, or component?
Love the idea of 42hds52 thread!!! Keep it alive
I have BH HD service and I have noticed lately that when a scene changes. teh picture is bad for just a second and then it seems to adjust itself. I curently have the STB set to Auto HDMI/DVI could this cause the problem?
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