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Hi... I have a Hitachi 42HDS69 that died. No sound and No picture. It powers, the panel is primed (I can see the backlight on) and after a few seconds it goes into standby.
  • I've taken the back panel off visually inspected all the CAPS. No bulges or leaks on any of the boards.
  • I've disconncted the xsus (x sustain AKA z sustain board) and tested the power from the PS. Looks to be ok to the xsus.
  • Disconnected the ysus and tested the power going to it from the xsus and it looks ok as well.

Everything I've read says the ysustain board usually goes but in most cases those people get sound but no video. Not the case here. I've also read that in cases with no sound / no video, it's usually the buffer boards. This led me to the a-bus and b-bus boards but I don't understand how that would impact the "no sound".

Does anyone have any ideas how to further troubleshoot this set? I've found used replacement ysus boards and a/b-bus boards for under $40 each but I'd hate to start throwing parts at this. The wife says if I can't fix it ASAP, it needs to go. Any help is appreciated!
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