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Hitachi 46F510 vs. Toshiba 46H84

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I've been reading thread after thread on these two models separately and I've found a ton of good info. My questions are fairly simple. I'm comparing these two models, and I likely will buy one of the two in the next few days. I'm looking for the best set based on the following facts:

1. I've got an RCA HD Receiver from DirecTV. I will be watching some HD programming but mostly SD over the satallite. I've got the over the air antenna also for some of my local channels. Which set is better at stretching SD content over the width of the screen with minimal distortion?

2. I will be playing Xbox and Playstation 2 on the set in a limited fashion (to eliminate burn in so that's not an issue). Are there any issues with 720P on either set (Xbox's HD resolution)?

3. I'm looking to purchase a Progressive Scan DVD player in the near future.

So that's what I plan on doing with the set. The set will be in a room with plenty of ambient light, so a brighter set would be nice.

Can anyone make any recommendations based on seeing the two sets in question in action? Will it need to be professionally calibrated or can I do it myself with one of the dvd tools I keep hearing about?

Thank you so much in advance...and yes, I searched...I just didn't find all the answers I was looking for. Thanks!

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Thank you all very much for your help...I decided on the Hitachi...no thanks to this wonderful community. Sheesh.
Well, if you took a little time and did a search, there was a thread with this EXACT same title on it less than 3 weeks ago. Also, for future reference, this site is a little slow on the weekends. IMO you couldn't go wrong either way and since you bought the Hitachi in one day( that's giving us alot of notice by the way)most here would have recommended that set anyway.
I did notice that thread but it didn't specifically answer the questions I had...but I did notice that most people were leaning towards Hitachi sets when compared to the Toshibas, so that's pretty much how I made my decision (plus the Hitachi looked better in the store). Thanks.
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