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Hitachi 50vf820 Buzz when Powering On

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I have had a Hitachi 50VF820 since April/May of this year and it has worked great. Recently however, whenever I turn on the TV there is this clearly audible buzz.

This buzz happens repeatedly every 5 seconds or so until the screen finally appears. Now sometimes is is one buzz but lately there have been occasions of upwards of 5 buzzes. I read alot of the Sony GWIII buzz thread but it just came to be too much to get a definitive answer from that thread.

Does anybody know what exactly, of have a clue, of what this may be??
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Hey man... I have the exact same problem.. And it has gotten continuously worse over time.

I read in another thread that if you unplug the TV for 24 hours and plug it back in it works fine...
Wow, talk about reviving an old thread.

Anyways, my problem was diagnosed. The buzz you hear is the power balast trying to ignite the lamp inside.

If you are experiencing the exact same thing, it is most likely your bulb. Mine was still under warranty and I just had the bulb replaced and it starts up perfectly now. I suggest you get a new bulb.
My lamp just went out about an hour ago and the sound you hear when you try to power it up is a buzz so I would agree with the last thread.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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