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I just bought a 3 year old Hitachi 51" rear projection TV. Worked fine when I bought it but after taking it home 30 kms in a little bit of snow and cold weather(wrapped in blankets) in the back of a truck, it will now not power up. When I hit power it clicks and the red light come on the front of the TV then 1 second later it clicks again, red light goes out and seems to shut off.

I did wait 2 hours after taking it in the house so the lamp would warm up before power it up. When I first tried it the ON OFF clicking was shorter then the 1 second as it is now 1 day later. The light didn't even come on at first. It kinda makes me think it is still cold or damp inside and there's a safety that stopping it from turning on but I'm not sure.

Does anyone have any ideas what I'm dealing with here. Thanks
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