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I have a Hitachi 51F710S and so far I love it. I noticed today while in the PlayStation store that some of the text in the lower left corner was noticeably blurry compared to text anywhere else on the screen.

This was right after the TV had just turned on, I gave it 30 min or so and it was a little better, but still had that blur to the text. Now I know I have overscan when I am in the PSN store (Probably all the time and just don't realize it), could this cause that text to be a bit more blurry?

I tried to take photos but even with my DSLR none turned out too good. I have the TV set to a level I obtained here as far as the contrast and sorts go, this also could have been there all the time and I just had an "ah ha" moment.

Does anyone else with this set or that is knowledgeable with RPCRTs know what might be the culprit? The TV is around 3 years old give or take a few months so it is well out of warranty.

I tried running magic focus after the TV had been on for a hour or so and it didn't seem to make a difference. On another note when im using my TivoHD I really can't see any of that same blur that I see while in the PSN Store, it could be that there isn't quite the same amount of text there and its masked by the moving image. The TiVo menus look crisp, but I just want to be sure that this isn't a issue that warrants a service call.

I don't mind calling service, but I would rather be informed before I do. Service calls for these TVs isn't cheap as I am sure you all know

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