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Barryz commented on the Hitachi conrast controls:

"If you want to preserve detail, be sparing with the contrast control."

It's easy to overdo the contrast adjustments in the main menu. Hitachi owners should experiment with the Sub Contrast and Sub White adjustments under the rightmost Gamma menu in the service menu. They provide subtler adjustments of contrast and brightness.

If Sub Contrast is selected a grey scale pops up. That grey scale changes as you adjust the Red, Blue, or White settings. A green scale shows up for the Green adjustments. This occurs in both RGB and component inputs. I've experimented only with the White settings to keep things simple for now. Also, I choose the desired gamma in the main menu before I start messing with the subcontrast and subwhite controls.

Furthermore, combining the Sub Contast White adjustments in the service menu with contrast adjustments in the main menu provides a greater and finer range of settings. Combining sub White menu adjustments with white adjustments in the main menu also provides finer control for whites.

Using Sub White and Sub Contrast, I was able make all of the darkest and lightest grey scale steps become more distinct without blowing out the whites and without making black become too grey. As a result, dark scenes in movies have better detail than before adjustments.

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