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HI,I have a Hitachi 55VF820 that will not turn on..When you try and power the tv on the blue (power) light starts to flash then the red (temp) and red (lamp) start flashing in that order power-temp-lamp and you hear the fans running and after about a min the fans stop and the red (lamp) light turns solid red and thats the only light lit..I was wondering if i have a bad bulb i just replaced it and its only a few weeks old,after i did replace it sometimes when watching the set you would loose the picture and the red lights would start flashing and now what i said earlier is all it will do..Is there a way to check the ballast to see if it is bad,and i did clean the turbo fan that blows on the bulb and it was pretty dirty but didnt solve the problem..Does it sound like the lamp,ballast,or other problem..I have a ballast on order and was thinking of getting a new lamp but wanted to ask here first..Thanks so much in advance!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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