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Hitachi 65s700 - Magic Focus appear when powering off

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I have a hitachi 65s700 tv. i've this magic focus problem.

When i turn my tv off magic focus appears, i tryed different things it doesn't go away. I have to unplug the tv at night to keep it turned off.

I had this problem before and called in tech for repair but by the time tech came to see the problem, it fixed by it self. but now i have the same problem.

I will be calling the tech again, just wondering if some one else have had this problem with their unit, if so where there any parts replaced?

Thanks in advance.
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What happens when the magic focus finishes? Also make sure you have the setting turned off in the menu to do it every 30 days or whatever it is.

The magic focus gets done then back to showing tv channel.

When ever i turn it off it does that. The option for 90 days is turned off.
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