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Hitachi 65SWX20B or KP65WV600??? Which is a better buy??

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I am going to be moving into a home in May and i have been saving up for a 65" TV. I wanted the SONY 65", but I heard alot of negative comments about flicker.

What about the Hitachi???? Someone please help.
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I hate the flicker on the Sony's but am just getting out of the 65xwx because it has a very poor HD image with a large haze over it. All the models in Houston seem to have it, but people here seem to have some that don't. Be very sure that you aren't getting one that has this problem. If you can see a 57 inch model next to it, and they look close than ok, but where I live the 57 is awesome and the 65 is basically defective looking.

I have been over this issue huge, so I don't want to dwell, but after 3 months of hell with Hitachi with no results, it pains me to see anybody else potentially go through it.

That said, I can see a large flicker on all the Sony sets, and couldn't live with that. They also don't do HD as well as the 57 Hitachi, Mitsu Plats or Diamonds and some other models, so I would consider more models if must be 65 inch. I do believe the problem with the 65swx is probably an internal setting, but don't want to sink 500 more to find out, and if it doesnt work I am just out that switching it. I say that because people here are saying theirs work fine, and if they looked like all the sets in Houston, I don't see how even one of them could possibly think that.

You may also want to see if there is a TWX dealer where you live because it has the better screen cover and nicer cabinet and is only a few hundred more than the SWX. If you call 1800 hitachi, they can tell you by zip code.
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The 65swx is a great set bottom line don't let one person sway you one way or another.
I used to listen to what addicted had to say. But Not anymore.............. I LOVE MY 65XWX
Thanks guys, I will go for the 65SWX. I was going to hold out for the new sony models in Sept. But I just bought a new house and I have the opportunity to get a set. I better get it now before my spending goes all into the house.
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