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In dire need of a parts list and or repair manual for the Hitachi 65SWX20B.

here we go, 8 months later and I'm still fighting the **censored** crap with HDCP.

I finally got HDCP working on the HTPC but decided I couldn't stand vista and fighting with it to play blu ray.

I bought an xbox 360 thinking cool way to stream netflix HD movies, and the xbox says HDCP link not active, or some crap like that.

plugged into my HDDVR's hdmi port using HDMI-> DVI and it didn't like it either.

So, I'm thinking I've blown the HDCP key out, or otherwise am having issues with that input. Hitachi swears it's compliant.

Was considering buying a TivoHD box, but it's obviously a waste until I either fix this RPTV, or throw down another few K on a new TV, just to get a freaking HDMI port that will support HDCP.

Down with DRM. Down with HDCP. If I wanted to bootleg stuff, I'd just do it. All this crap is on the verge of forcing me to pirate which would be a HELLUVA LOT EASIER AT THIS POINT.
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