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Hitachi CMP4221 and a Comcast remote

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I have a Hitachi CMP4221 42 plasma and a Comcast HD box. I tried all the codes that came with my controller and even tried to do a Manuel search, nothing works. My remote is the remote that has the five digital codes.I really would like some help if anyone can help me.
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Did you get any of the codes to work partially, like the power button or volume buttons with setup code TV/10145 or TV/11145? If you can get the TV to respond to some button, there is a way to add the missing functions to the remote.
no i got no responed from any codes. I actally went home and tried all the codes again after coming to this forum because i was thinking the same thing. Do you think if i had acomcast tech come out can they get it to work.
also should i try both codes and change the buttons even if i cant get a respond.
can anyone help me please
I doubt the code you need is in the comcast remote, which is UEI code tv 10797.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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