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hitachi fixed now a new issue

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i had my 65 inch hitachi fixed last month. (stop the color from going bright or neon colors while using hdmi) the service tech fix the eprom issue and change the color to magenta...the only problem now is the screen just goes black for like 5 sec. and then comes back on. the sound works fine the whole time. i have been reading through the forums and i just can't seem to find someone who has had an issue like me. the service tech said he might have my tv for a month and that just seems a bit long!
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i'm well aware of those issues....my problem stems from that though....my tv was fixed. the bright and neon colors are no longer an issue. after having that fixed i'm trying to find someone who has had there tv fixed and now they are having the same issue where the screen goes black for 5 secs and then comes back on...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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