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Hitachi new 55" monitor - with new HD3 panel

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Just received some units this week and first impression is very good.

Connected to the Denon A-11 in YUV/p and DVI, the image looks great.

The new HD3 panel offers improved life time, about 85.000 hours writed on an internal letter from Hitachi.

For me, the Panasonic, Pioneer, Fujitsu and others, have no option in adirect comparision side by side.

The Hitachi offers more image quality and is 55" size and cost the same retail price or less than the others.

Any comments are wellcome.

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Doh! I was thinking HD3 = DLP when I first clicked on this.

Is this an ALIs panel?
The 55" is e-ALIS.
I am very interested in this display and have a few questions:

1) Can you provide the model numer as they are supposedly coming out with two versions of the 55". Is the model you refer to the director series ?

2) Does it provide a media box ?

3) Are you saying that the picture is superior to Fujitsu, Pio, Panny and if so did you view them side by side ? Can you provide more detail on how you rate the display for contrast, color, SD content and overall detail

4) Finally, do you know of any internet vendors that are carrying it yet ?

Thanks for the info.
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This is the first 55" I've seen. Does anyone else mfr 55" sets or is this the first?
Fujitsu has the 55". Contact markrubin for any questions. He has had his for about 4 months now.

There are a number of other manufacturers that have 55" or larger sets. Hitachi, announced earlier this year, Samsung, Fujitsu, to name a few.

This is the first 55" I've seen. Does anyone else mfr 55" sets or is this the first
Hitachi has been selling the 55" for a little while, model 55HDM71. They are coming out with two new 55" models the HDX61 and HDT51, both 55" displays.

Julio, can you tell me which model you are referring to ?
As Cheridave mentioned , Fujitsu has been selling the P55XHA30WS (same panel used on the Hitachi 55") for few months.

The Hitachi model is 55-PMA-550 including the optional video input board ( Scart, YUV, Y/C, video ).

There is another input board with a TV tuner ( analog / SD ).

The comparision is done side by side, I have over 35 plasmas and large lcd panels in one room ( a small shoutout, like Infocomm ) with Extron YUV distribution system.

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eAlis, glass made in the Fujitsu-Hitachi joint venture PDP panel plant in Japan. Contrast ratio ~1200:1 for this glass.

Not bad, I've seen the Fujitsu and Hitachi models at different times. Blacks not as deep as Panasonic/Panasonic-based Fujitsu models (50").

The extra 5" is nice though. Seems bigger than 5" sounds.
I'm wondering why Fujitsu's own 55" PDP has an inferior 900:1 contrast ratio? They really need to upgrade this on the 55".
eAlis is not capable of deep blacks that the conventional 3-electrode plasma display can do. Still, it's not a bad set. Just take a look at the blacks and contrast levels before buying one.
I just purchased the 55hdm71 and am very pleased with it. I like the added viewing area over a 50" display. The contrast and blacks are decent. I've watched DVDs (Good), HD via cable feed (awesome), sports (OK to awesome depending on the network). As an average Joe consumer, I certainly would not pay the extra thousands for a Fujitsu 55". To me there isn't enough of a difference (granted not a side by side comparison), to justify paying that much extra.
dbld, could you let us know what other displays you considered and how it compared to any other popular displays you viewed such as Sony, Fujitsu, Pioneer and Panny.

Initially I looked at only the 50" models since anything larger than that was out of my price range. I looked at the Fujitsu (too expensive), the Pioneer 1110HD (I didn't need the stand and speakers and I didn't want to mess with the pio industrial model with issues of warranty etc.), the panny 6UY (my friend has one, great picture and contrast but I didn't like the look of the thin bezel).

Then I heard about the Hitachi 55" on this forum (thanks) and took a look at it. I couldn't make any side by side comparisons with thr Fujitsu, but the Hitachi seemed to look as good. I got it online and am very happy about my choice.
Thanks for the info. I may go with the Hitachi 55" and they are coming out with a new model this summer or fall. The added size over the 50" displays is quite appealing to me.
I've had the 55hdmi71 operational for a little over a week. I'm very pleased. IMO the contrast and black level is very good. I've looked long and hard at panny, pioneer and fijitsu. For size, performance and price ,the hitachi is great. I bought on-line from one of the forum sponsors at a great price.
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