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Hitachi UT42X902 UT47X902 settings calibration

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I got a UT47X902 this week super cheap like 26" TV cheap NIB, opened it up yesterday. Going to get the media box tomorrow on the cheap too, just wanted to see it anyone had any settings advice on it or the 42 inch one. Can't find many reveiws/owners online.
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I got the AV control box so cheap its crazy. TV is much better now. If nobody has any settings help for me soon, I guess i'll have to get it calibrated.

For future people who find this thread, the AVC08U control center will need a firmware update. Twice the signal flickered black for a moment while I was playing the PS3 online. Very annoying. I may not even need the control center if the AVR-3310 makes its way home soon.

Find the firmware at:

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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