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Hitachi VX915 worth 20% premium over vs810?

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I'm pulling the trigger on a 60" VS810 or VX915 in the next couple of days. I saw these sets in the same room today and did notice a significant improvement in glare with the vx915 over the vs810.. but.. the difference in price would be about $900 more for the VX915 vs. the VS810. That comes to about a 20% increase in price for the VX915.

The questions I have are.

a. Is the difference in price proportional to the MSRP

b. Is it worth it.

Thanks for the help.


PS.. Since price posting is not allowed, would someone mind pm-ing me with the level of discount, either $$ or % they were able to get off of MSRP?

Thanks again
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I sent you a pm. I cannot get the vx In WA yet, but I am working on it. If I cannot get a discount on it similar to the one I can on the vs810 I may lean toward a plasma for about 1g more on-line, as from what I understand you can get a 50 pioneer elite in that range.

Did the blacker screen on the vx915 cause any other positive or negative results when compared to the 810?
Thanks for the PM.. the blacker screen was great. It had significanlty less glare and seemed to improve blacks slightly without cutting down on the light transmission.
Moved to VS810 thread..
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