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HK 235 or Hk 230 ?

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So lets say a person needs a receiver better suited to music/ht than the Onkyo Tx-Sr 602 for a modest price. Would either of these HK's provide a noticable improvement? Nad was just too expensive for me (I'll consider one once I am out of college and can afford one) so I would have to settle for HK. If so, the Hk 230 199.99 (refurb) while the Hk 235 is 299.95 (refurb) are two options, would the extra $100 toward the 235 be a worthwhile investment?
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I just bought the 230 last week. I looked and could not find any significant differences between the 2 except the 230 it only 6.1 and the 235 is 7.1 i think. No biggy for me so i saved that cash for my mains. Havent received it yet but i should get it tomorrow, ill post in here and let you know what i think when i get it.
Sounds good. Looks like a steal.
The only big differences are the 6.1 vs 7.1, AVR-235 has Dolby Pro Logic IIx and the A/V sync delay. If you only plan to run 5 speakers, the first two items don't matter. The A/V sync may matter, but not sure if it is worth the extra $100.

If you check HK's Ebay store you might be able to get the 235 on a winning bid much closer to that's 230 price. If the feature differences between the two really don't matter just get the 230.
Believe me, if your audio doesn't synch up you will kick yourself for not getting a receiver with it. Definitely consider audio synch delay as a necessary feature.
hmmmm, I don't even know if my onkyo has this feature...never needed it up to this point. Assuming I keep all the same sources, would I really need this feature considering i've never had to use it up to this point?
its useful for DLP tv's it seems where there's a delay between audio and when the video actually hits your screen/eyes.... i know it was a problem with the LG DLP i once had....
Gotcha, I plan on getting a flat panel LCD some time in the future. Guess its worth the extra $100.

Anyone upgrade from an onkyo 60x to either of these AVRs?
Well guys, I bid on an HK avr-235 earlier from Harman Audio and won! $234.50 plus shipping :D

afrogt thanks for the suggestion
Good job Exocer, you got a nice receiver for cheap. Comes with the 2 year mfrs warranty too!

Come back and tell us how it sounds when you get it all hooked up. What speakers are you using?

Afro GT
NHT SB-2's, and a Rythmik DirectServo sub (2.0cu.ft. sealed enclosure) to make a 6.1 setup. Sb-2's all around.

I am currently using an Onkyo tx sr 602, it just struggles to power the NHT's. Hopefully this will change with the HK, and if it doesn't I can always use the pre-amps...something the ONkyo didn't have! One thing Onkyo deserves respect for is reliability. I've never once had a problem with it and I literally abused it by pushing it so hard to drive my SB-2's.

I'll report back with a subjective comparison between the two! Thanks again for the advice! ;)
Right now I am blasting away with the HK avr 235. This was a monumental improvement in SQ over the Onkyo for music. I haven't had the chance to try it out with movies yet however. So far I find that I am listening loud enough at around -20 as oppose to -10 on the Onkyo (this is LOUD). The highs have woken up and so has the midrange. All this from what I thought would be more of a sideways upgrade. The speakers are seamingly being driven effortlessly compared to what I am used to with the Onkyo. IT really produces a lot more output with much less effort than the Onkyo. If anyone wonders I think NHT and HK make a decent combo if Nad is too expensive.
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