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HK 3490 / Sony 60 NX 720 Optical Audio Connection

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I had been running the audio from my Bravia NX-720 TV through a great old Kenwood receiver I've had forever using a Toslink optical cable and getting great stereo sound. The Kenwood has now deceased and I need a replacement

I'm not interested in a surround set up for the NX-720 (smaller room, home diplomacy issues) but would like to replace the Kenwood with a receiver that will give me excellent stereo sound for a reasonable price.

I have been looking seriously at the HK 3490, but I'm unclear about one point after doing some online research. Could I run the audio from the Bravia to the HK 3490 using a Toslink optical cable in the same way I ran the audio from the Bravia to the Kenwood? I've seen various issues flagged like this one http://www.avsforum.com/t/1392215/helping-setting-up-hk-3490-and-lg-47le5400 Any thoughts or ideas would be welcome, thanks.
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Yes you can connect your TV to the 3490 via the Optical connection. If you decide to get the 3490 you will not be sorry. I got one and love it.
Thanks, I'll let you know how it works out.
Works perfectly. Hooked it up last night, little bit of a hiccup when I couldn't get any sound (started to curse Harmon and Kardon), but I unplugged/plugged the optical cable and boom, great sound. I've tested the 3490 on TV audio, CD and SACD and i'm very happy with it. Thanks again
Awesome. Glad you're enjoying it. I love mine.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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