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HK 435 Problem?

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Purchased a refurbed 435 through HK direct.

Finally got it all set up.

I have the mulit-room speakers going to a speaker distribution panel which splits it to three rooms.

I am using the surround speakers for the multi-room setup until I can get an amp.

When I have the multi-room turned on, after a little bit the AVR cycles the power.

Anyone experience this problem? Is this sometihng the firmware update will fix or should I contact HK ?
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anyone ever experience the HK receivers to turn itself off after a few minutes when multi-room is turned on ?
Sounds like you are using one of the Monster or Niles multi-speaker switcher...

If yes..

Those units have a very low impedance and can likely trigger the AVR's protection circuit..

A possible way to test is to disconnect the multi-speaker switcher from the AVR..

Now turn ON Multi-Room..
1. Does the AVR stay ON?

If Yes...

Then the switcher is putting a very low impedance load on the AVR..

Causing a shutdown..

Also you can easily check if the AVR is outputting properly by connecting 1 pair of speakers to the Multi-Room speaker out on the AVR..

2. Does the AVR still turn OFF?

If Yes..

Then a problem inside the AVR..
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Thanks for your input.

Here is how I have it set up:

multi-room speaker connections to speaker distrubtion panel

from there each of the 3 set of speakers to volumne matching impedence control then to the in-ceiling speakers

Right now I am using the surround speakers for the multi out, until the amp gets in.

I will do the tests you suggested. thanks!
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an update:

I tested the multi room function with just my front speakers. Everything stayed on.

Now, when I get an amp to power the multi-room speakers, will this fix the problem?
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