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Looking through the threads relating to this, I'm not finding an answer.

I'm adding a Sony Blueray player to my equipment stack, and I'm wondering first of all, will the AVR-645 pass 1080p to my monitor?

I know it will pass 1080i.

Did they ever get an update out to deal with non-pcm audio issue?

Thanks for any replys.

Being a hardcore HK man since about 1970, they're getting just a teensy frustrating these days.

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No 1080p!

And seems not to come... :-|

Seems also not to come any FW update...

...so 4.07 seems to be the last...

What "non-pcm-issue" are you talking about?!

I use my PS3 with HDMI into a splitter and then from there to my LCD AND to my 645:

Sound is great and pic also! :)

By the way do you know what FW 4.07 improved?!

Still running on 4.06...

...no issues so far...
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