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Long-time lurker, first time poster here, Was hoping someone could help me out with my problem.

Ive had my HK AVR225 for a long time now and have never had any issues whatsoever. I've probably had it for at least 4 or 5 years.

Yesterday, I go to turn it on, it powers up, but never makes that CLICK sound when the sound comes on and its ready. I tried all the inputs and the same problem. Everything seems like it works, the lights are on, it accepts a Digital 5.1 signal but no sound at all.

I tried changing outlets, surge protectors, UPS's, etc, with no avail. It was working fine the day before when I was using to watch a movie.

Are there any fuses or something I maybe can replace? This receiver has been the best piece of electronics I have ever owned and I'd hate to junk it. I dont really want to spend a few hundred either getting it fixed when I can get a new one. If its easy and somewhat cheap, I would be interested. If not Its about time to upgrade to something a little newer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

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