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Anyone know any tricks to making the Xantech 789-44 work with my HK AVR335?

I have tried several Emitters and several IR Receivers, I just cant seem to make the Xantech pass IR codes to the AVR. It works fine on the Replay TV, AV Switcher, AppleTV, Xbox 360, etc. Per the Xantech forums, I placed an inline resistor on the emitter connecting to the AVR hoping that would help to attenuate the singal there, but neither the 100 or the 470 ohm resistors seemed to help.

It looks like the AVR 335 has in IR input on the back for a Harmon Kardon IR extension kit. So I tried making a cable and patching from the Xantech directly to the IR in, but no joy there either.

Any insight you guys have would be great!

Thanks in advance

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