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HL-S6187W Turns off

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After researching a lot on this and other websites I decided on a HL-S6187W this summer. During my first week, the unit picture kept moving off the screen and had to be replaced. Since then, things have been good and the unit has worked great.

Last week, the tv just started to turn off by itself. It is not related to a cold start or after long term use, rather, it is just random.

2 days ago, when I tried on a cold start, the unit kept turning off 4 times. It would turn off, I'd turn it on, and it would turn off and so on.

I've got a great warranty from Circuit City so I am not worried about having it replaced but does anybody else have this issue?

Thanks a lot.

Mehul P.
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I also purchased a HL-S6187W some months ago from best buy and now it is also starting to shut off on its own in random fashion. The only thing I am doing differently is that I just setup a SpeakerCraft IR emmitter/receiver kit so that I could hide my electronics inside a closet. I am wondering if this has any connection at all. I cannot really see why.

I am going to disconnect the IR receiver/emmitter system and see if it still happens. How is your setup?


I read about a fix for this in the official HLS thread.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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