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HLP5063W - bad color wheel?

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hope someone can provide some insight into this. (please forgive my lack of knowledge on this :) )

i had my HLP5063W on for a few hours, and i was in my kitchen when i heard a pretty loud zap from the TV. the picture went to black and white, and there is a loud drone-like hum accompanying it.

the fans are running fine, and the lamp is ok, am i right in assuming this is a bad color wheel? i've heard that bad color wheels usually have a higher pitched squeal, and the zap was kind of strange too, so i'm not to sure

i will be calling samsung tomorrow, but i wanted to determine if this is the case. also, can any harm be done with the TV on with this problem?
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That does not sound like a color wheel malfunction to me.

I hope your set is still in warranty!

I don't know about additional damage, but I doubt that any good can come from operating the set this way.
I have a 5065W unit and had the color wheel exchanged a year ago. The sound a defective color makes is similar to that of a circular saw, or dentists drill. You can't mistake it. My unit never gave any symptoms of a loud zapping sound when the color wheel was acting up - fwiw
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