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I ordered and replaced the bulb...

I ordered and replaced the color wheel...

I ordered and replaced the ballast...

Over $400.00 invested in repairs...

And before it shut down I got the black vertical line (light tunnel syndrome)

The strange thing is the bulb is still not coming on tried the old one and 2 different new ones.

The tv is 3 years old, I would never buy another DLP again...

The bearings in the color wheel were shot so I needed that.

The Bulb had 3 years on it so that is justified for, so far.

I bet I am looking at a rebuilding my light engine for another $400.00

Then it could still be the DMD board. I don't know what to do, probably part it out.

The symptoms are the same, I get a few leds that come on a click from the ballast fans and wheel run, but the lamp never fires up...

This troubleshooting is costly.

Any opinions on this DLP tragedy?

Am I missing something here on the troubleshooting?

Thanks for everyones input on the forum.

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