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My brain is fried trying to research all this. Assuming these speakers were the same cost, is there a standout among them as far as performance? I am a newbie here.

My current ordered equipment consists of two Polk 70's, a Polk CS2 for center, a Denon 1910 and not sure which rears yet.

I read that the vk12 has the upgrade kevlar cone with a Bash amp giving out 1000 peak watts. The A2-300 only has like 2000 I think.

I am starting to actually list all this on paper just to get the specs in order.

Any information would be helpful. I have been reading the threads here.

I also noticed that I might be able to order the f12 for about $180 so technically I could get two for the price of the A2-300. How does two of these stack up against a supposed higher end sub for a similar price.

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