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Hi all,

I'm looking for some advise from you gurus about my current setup. It's a bit of a mongrel affair and I'm looking to make it more balanced so I get the best out of it.

I use the kit for a mixture of HIFI and home cinema.

I'm most interested in adjusting the mixed speaker setup.

Current kit:

NAD M15 & M25 (not HD) for surround sound

Musical Fidelity A5 pre/ power (for HIFI and powering front two speakers in surround sound for home cinema)

Oppo BDP-95 (CD playback on HFI and blu rays on home cinema)

Clearaudio Performance SE Turntable (stereo speakers have to be excellent for HIFI setup- don't want to compromise on this)


Front 2 (used for HIFI and surround sound): Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor (not M)

Centre: Linn Trikan

L/R surround: Linn Unik (on stands)

L/R rear: Linn Sekrit (on stands)

I'm willing to sell any/ all speakers if necessary to improve the overall sound, and can probably add another £1k to the pot.

I haven't got a sub at the moment as I'm in a flat, but should be moving to a house (detached is the plan) within 5-6 months - so that'll be on the list eventually, something to consider for the future).

Thanks in advance the help all!

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