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Home entertainment room (looking for insight)

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I guess I can start by introducing myself since this is my first post on the forum and no one knows who I am. My name is Tim and I live in Cedar Rapids, IA and currently go to school at Mt. Mercy University. I live in an apartment at the moment and I am starting to look at what it is going to take to throw together a home entertainment system. I have already put a lot of research into this and I still have a lot to do. I thought this would be a good way to just get my idea out there and get some other perspectives on the system and the room that I am dealing with.

This will be in my parents basement until I get a house someday, or year is more accurate, for the whole family to enjoy. I have attached two drawings of some very simple dimensions and a layout idea that I had floating in my head. This area is finished and mostly unused because of the perfectly inconvenient post that is framed into the room. I was thinking about two rows of double theater seating with the back row raised, this way I can get some surround speakers on the sides instead of behind (unless this really doesn't matter). The windows would have black blinds with black drapes to try and combat natural light from getting in when it isn't wanted. Thinking about also painting the room a dark maroon color as well but wasn't sure if two tone or some trim would also make it look a little better.

My budget is 5-7k (this will be over a period of time starting with the TV and working to the least important part if that makes sense) and I am aware that the CM series will probably put me over this but I can dream can't I? My parents are going to float the furniture, carpet, and paint as they will keep these items when I pull out and they will go from there.

Equipment is as follows:

LG 60PK550

Denon AVR-2311

Pioneer Elite BDP-31

B&W 683 (CM9 if I can swing it)

B&W 685 (CM5 if I can swing it)

B&W matching center

Sub undecided (haven't done much research here yet)

I am also thinking about separate power as an upgrade so I want a reciever with good processing as I have been looking at the XPA-2 and -3.

I am probably forgetting some things but I look forward to any comments, questions, criticisms, and ideas for the less than ideal space.



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Ok, I have left out some things. This will be for 90% movies, 5% TV, and 5% music. The room is about 281 sq ft so I am looking for a sub that will fill this room with a pretty good punch since this is mostly theater oriented. I am also looking for any suggestions on the equipment for the room that I have to work with and if there would be any other options that may do just as well for less while retaining a great experience. Same goes for the other way as well, if there is something that is a little more but will provide a greater bang for the buck, I am all ears.

The main thing I am looking for though are ideas on room layout and any ideas of what I can do to make it work both functionally and acoustically. For now, there will be no tearing out of walls so anything that requires a fair amount of construction is out of the question (ideas still welcome though). If this was my house it would be a different story. I have embedded some pictures below of what the room looks like and there are quite a few less than ideal features.

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