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Purchased a unit for vehicle and found it great!

Now time for a new BBQ and Patio area unit.

I have searched the web for days with no positive results possibly due to the fact I am not knowledgable regarding what I am looking for!

I have an existing am-fm stereo with built in cd player. I have 4 speakers hooked up on the patio. No way to add an HD unit!

I am looking for a HD Radio tuner with the capability of adding a multi disc cd player and also hook to my existing 4 speakers. Shelf units will not work.

What it called I do not know. I see a lot of units perhaps capable but do not have the unlimited funds they seem to cost!

Is there anything within a say 300.00 range that would allow me to hook up a cd player and my 4 Bose outdoor speakers?

Thank you for the assist.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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