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Home made grey or Da-lite Da-mat for DLP (InFocus 435z)? Opinions wanted.

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Hi All,

I've got an InFocus LP435Z and am trying to decide between a home made screen and a Da-Lite Da-Mat. (80"x60")

If I go home made, I'll probably be obliged to go with a grey screen, which meands finding fabric that's even, fine thread, and the right color o' grey. I'm not sure I want to get into trying to paint things, but if you have ideas there, okay.

I'll take any form of opinion, advice, or relation of experience on this one. Where to buy online would be a big help.


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Hi Guile,

As you might guess, like most Americans, my foreign language skills suck, so please don't apologize for your English.

I had a Da-Lite pull down and was unhappy with the ripples in the screen. Thanks for the feedback. I just bought some gray material that I'll get framed @ let you know the results.
One needs a brighter projector with a grey screen. For a 100" screen, I wouldn't recommend it for <1000 lumens.


Ken Elliott

I've got 1000 lumens and I'm going with a pretty light grey -- about 20% (20% as in light grey). We'll see. If this fails I'll just use blackout fabric.
Another idea would be to go with a tensioned da-lite with the new "High Contrast Da-Mat" screen. I understand it's similar to the greyhawk material. About .8 gain, 40 degree viewing angle. According to the web site you can get it on any Da-lite screen that has the normal "Da-Mat" as an option.

You have it backwards, 20% grey is dark grey, 80% is light grey. The percentage typically refers to Kodak grey scale.

The DaMat is pretty dark. For my 100" screen, I figure that I need 2000 lumens for anything to look good with it.

The Stewart is probably better for lower output projectors, but may cost as much as an LP435z.


Ken Elliott
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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