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Hi All,


First post.  Hopeing for some help.


I'll start from the beginning.

I have recently ditched SKY as monthly subscription price became a bit of a joke. In next few weeks I will be switching to Freesat + (UK). I have ordered a Humax HDR-1010S Freesat Freetime 1TB Receiver with Built-In Wi-Fi. I have signed up for Virgin 152MB superfast internet and will also be buying a new 1TB HDD.


My question is........what is the best way for me to stream all my HD videos, photos etc from my HDD to my TV. I don’t want to be unplugging wires all the time form PC, HDD, TV etc and my TV (Sony Bravia) will only play certain file types. I don’t want to have to convert all my files so I can play them on my TV either mkv, mp4, avi etc.


I dont have a PC, only a laptop and would like an always on set-up so keeping my laptop on is out of the question.  I wont particularly use this to stream from netflix, youtube etc.  I have an xbox 360 attached for that.  My Humax HDD will only be used to save programmes etc from the Freesat channels so wont want to use that as media storage.


Hope that makes sense.


Any help is much appreciated.



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