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hey guys. i am planing on setting up a home stereo system.

what im planning on doing is having 2 or 3 zones for the speakers, living room, bedroom, and another set of pc speakers on the desktop itself. id like to be able to turn on or off one of those zones at will.

i would assume this would be handled by pulse or something similar (preferably more stable). im not really sure about the other options for doing this.

currently, i am using irreco and sonata on my n810 to control MPD. it would be great if there is a way i could toggle a zone on or off via the n810.

i would also like to do at least one of the zones with spdif. i know nothing about how well it is supported on linux except that i shouldnt get an x-fi card. right now the card im using is a pci audigy ls. is there a way to use two sound cards at the same time? any recomendations for sound cards?

thanks a lot.
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