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Home Theater Design Advice

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My parents are remodeling their living room. It's an open area that also includes a kitchen, it's rectangular and about 35 feet long and 12 feet wide. Though I'm guessing on those dimensions.

They just purchased a Sharp LC-60LE835U and a Denon AVR-1912.

The electrician offered to install their stuff and offered to sell them speakers and supplies at a discount. Including a remote. Here is what the electrician offered:

Quantity Retail Total Retail

1 Integra DTR 20.3/ 5.1 home theater receiver $600.00


1 Paradigm MilleniaOne 3.0 system (Front Left/Center/Right Speaker) $749.00

2 Paradigm CS-60R-SM 6.5" in ceiling round speaker dual voice coil $398.00

1 Paradigm PDR-80 8" Powered Subwoofer $279.00

1 RTI T2C 2.5" Color Touch Panel Hand Held Remote $899.00

* With RP1 kit 433 gateway

1 Install owner provided TV and Mount $150.00

1 Install owner provided blu ray player $50.00

1 Install owner provide cable receiver box $50.00

1 * Custom Programming for RTI Remote Control System $250.00

Total Retail Cost $3,724.00

20% discount

Total Discounted cost to you $2,979.00

I don't know why he put in a receiver when my parents purchased one. And it sounds like he wants to use a single speaker as a front left/center/right channel. I don't even think my parents would need, let alone understand how to use that remote.

Does anyone have any advice on a more reasonable setup? I was thinking perhaps just a pair of Polk Audio 40 Monitors, or something like that and a subwoofer and maybe two smaller rear channels. That would be a 4.1 setup, but perhaps it would be prudent to do a 5.1. My parents are not serious audiophiles.
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