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I'm not an audio/video phile, but I do appreciate decent systems. Since I just bought my first home, I wanted to do something other than the basic tv speakers in my family room. I currently have my TV, BD, and a wii, but that's it. Everything is HDMI except the wii.

I was thinking of a HTIB, but after reading a bit on this site, I think I'll try piecing it together. My room is fairly large ~2700 ft^3. I'll be using it mostly for TV/movie watching, but listening to music is an option I want to have (my car is DVD-Audio capable so a system able to play those discs is a plus).

I'd like to spend less than 2k, but I'm able to go a bit higher if there's a very good reason to. I'd like a 7.1 system, but I don't have my heart set on it. I'm also not sure if THX certified is worth the price (is it?).

All suggestions are accepted....and thanks!!

Here's a sketch of my family room layout tiny url.com/ykge53z - need to take the space out...sorry

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Welcome to the forum!!

You are certainly in the right place.

Don't forget to look at used gear. Speakers, especially, can be good values since they rarely fail and are difficult and expensive to ship. Lots of "the newest" gear can have bugs and cause hassles. I buy last year's "latest-greatest" to allow the bugs to be worked out. Look locally on eBay and you may find a great deal. Check out the For Sale area on this forum..LOTS of us are always upgrading and leaving good gear behind at great prices.

Price/performance ratios in gear have gotten so favorable lately that $2k will buy you more in performance today than twice or three times that amount would have gotten you a couple years ago.

Be patient, do your homework and you will be very happy.
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